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Annual health Checks

For people with learning disabilities

Watch the video by learning disabled people in Somerset about the principles that make a good Annual Health Check.

Welcome to the RCPA resource page for Annual Health Checks.

Here you will find some resources for social care staff and learning disabled people for helping individuals access good quality Annual Health Checks. They are underpinned by 10 Principles upon which people who are learning disabled would like to be treated.

These have been written by learning disabled people who live in Somerset. Below you will find links to; 

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The resources also include some very useful materials that have been produced by the National Development Team for Inclusion, (NDTi) and Skills for Care. These materials include templates, policies, videos all designed to support social care workers and other involved in delivering Annual Health Checks. You can find these materials via the link below;

NDTi Annual Health Check resources

For further information

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